Log your Erg Score and Workout Data with a Photo

Instantly Convert a Photo of Your Workout Into Trackable Data

How it Works

Take a Photo of your Workout

Use ErgSnap to take a photo of the erg screen after you finish your workout.

ErgSnap Extracts the Data

Image recognition software extracts workout data from your photo.

View your Compete Log

See all your workouts in the ErgSnap app and website.

Use Your Data

Track your Progress

Track your training and erg score progress with clean graphs.

Share in Private Groups

Share your erg workouts privately with your crew or coach.

Intervals? No Problem.

ErgSnap will detect intervals and log each one with your workout.

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Join the private beta group starting Spring 2017*

Here's what it looks like*

*Screen Design Mockups

It's Awesome

90% Accuracy*

ErgSnap image recognition software converts workout photos into raw data with approximately 90% accuracy*. At the end of a hard workout, just take a photo and leave.

Analyse Workouts

Segment your workouts by type, date or effort. Discover new insights into your training progress. You can view and segment your data. Even download your data into a spreadsheet.

Access Data Anywhere

All your workouts are saved securely to the cloud. That means you can see and analyse your training progress from your phone, tablet or desktop.

Sign up for Beta

Join the private beta group starting Spring 2017*